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Libertas University

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Libertas International University  is the oldest private university in Croatia. Libertas International University consists of four faculties and a business school. Classes at Libertas are held in Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Kutina, with the difference that all the classes in Dubrovnik are held in English, while the classes in Zagreb and Kutina are in Croatian. Full-time and part-time students are given a choice between eight undergraduate, five graduate, one postgraduate specialist, and one postgraduate doctoral study program. This means that at Libertas, students have the opportunity to study from the undergraduate to the doctoral level – an opportunity not given by any other private higher education institution in Croatia. So far, the opportunities that Libertas offers have been welcomed by students from Croatia and 30 other countries from all over the world.

At Libertas classes are taught in small groups, and knowledge is acquired through an active approach to relevant topics. Students are equal participants in the process of education, and not mere passive observers that reproduce other people’s knowledge and ideas. Team work is emphasized, but at the same time special attention is paid to an individualized approach to every student, their intellectual needs, and affinities. This combination of academic excellence and real-world experience ensures that our study programs balance the theoretical with the practical. Because of Libertas dedicated and distinguished faculty, and because of the adoption of the most contemporary methods of teaching, the university educates professionals who are ready to take on leading positions in diplomacy, business, tourism and hospitality, theater, the health industry, sports management and business security. Many Libertas alumni already hold important positions in business, diplomacy, banking, politics, sports management, tourism – both in Croatia and abroad. Out of several thousand alumni, more than 94% of them have found employment and are building successful careers. Libertas international university actually employs 130 professors, researchers and lecturers and 4000 students.

Libertas international university for the last 5 years organised and conducted many project in the filed of LLL (life long learning) programmes and seminars for students and adults such as seminars for “Croatian tourist guides”, “Developing skills for managers of DMCs and DMOs”. We also aim to provide real support to young people in order to promote their training and self employment in the field of cultural tourism. Several organised conferences and research projects are relevant for this project such as: – XI Congress of Euro-Mediterranean Inter-Cultural Dialogue “The Phoenicians’ Route: Between Tourism and Inter-Cultural Dialogue”, October 2018., Zagreb at LIU – Tourism and Development Conference 2016 – Urban Environment, December 2016, Zagreb at LIU – Libertas as a partner in project “Croatian Universities for EU projects” – EU project IPA – Human Resources – Further development and implementation of the Croatian Qualifications Framewoork “Adoption of CROQF principles in Tourism sector of higher education in Croatia“ (end of project february 2015) – INTERREG SLO-HR : project „KulTura – Heritage for all“ – ESF project ArhKonTur „Archeological conceptual tourist guide for young and senior citizens“ (2019), etc.