Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

University of Nicosia

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The University of Nicosia (UNIC) is the largest university in Cyprus, and the largest university in Southern Europe that teaches primarily in English, with over 14,000 students from 100 countries across the globe, coming together in an innovative and transformative learning space. UNIC is a comprehensive university with over 100 conventional on-campus and online programmes of study, and particular strengths in medicine, health sciences, education sciences, blockchain, computer science, law, accounting, business, hospitality and tourism,  architecture, and international relations.

Research at UNIC focuses on a variety of global and local issues, including health, complex networks, social organization, education, ICT, engineering, and environmental sustainability. Our researchers examine contemporary challenges from a wide range of perspectives, including technological and scientific advances, and modern culture and thought. They apply their expertise, derived from addressing local, regional and national concerns, to key issues with global impact; and develop teams to bring disciplinary strengths together to approach such issues. Cutting edge research is carried out in the areas of Educational Technology, Virtual and Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The University, through its participation in projects, either as partner or coordinator, has developed a wide base of knowledge and expertise in terms of both research output and project management. In pursuing its vision to be a leading contributor to education and research, the University has assisted in the development of several research centers and academically affiliated institutions