Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Andalucia – Spain


Granada is located in the South of Spain, belonging to the region of Andalusia. The capital of Granada has approximately 250,000 inhabitants.

Granada is a historic city for many reasons. One of the main is that it was the last Muslim city on the Iberian Peninsula, until 1492. Therefore, its streets, monuments, gastronomy and culture are impregnated with a certain Arab tradition. The walled city of the Alhambra stands out especially, the most visited monument in Europe and considered by many as the eighth wonder of the contemporary world. Also noteworthy are the Generalife Gardens, the Cathedral, the Royal Chapel (place where the Catholic Monarchs are buried), the Albaicín neighborhood and the Cartuja Monastery, among others. Apart from the historical heritage, it has great natural wealth, having the highest peak in Spain, the Mulhacén, as well as the coast a few kilometers away, making Granada a very rich tourist enclave.



Gestión cultural y ocio with the commercial name of ARTE & CIA, based in the city of Granada (Spain). It is a company dedicated to the management of historical-cultural heritage. The company has just turned 16, and is dedicated to different lines related to wealth management, providing collaboration, advice and support for institutions, companies and professionals working in the cultural field, providing solutions based on common and community planning and objectives.

Our priority in all our projects is to position Culture as the engine of sustainable development, from the local to the international. Cultural and leisure management has a list of collaborating professionals, specialized in different areas of knowledge.

What you will do as an intern?

The activities that will be carried out in this company will be:

  • Transmission of local heritage.
  • Management of tourist groups.
  • Creation of cultural routes.


CreARTE Gestión y Cultura S.L. was founded in 2003. Since its inception it has specialized in offering comprehensive museological management services for national and international exhibitions, curating exhibitions, interpretation of Heritage and inventory and manipulation of works of art. He has worked with important public and private institutions in our country.

Among them are the Board of Trustees of the Alhambra and Generalife, the Museum of Fine Arts of Granada, the Andalusian Agency of Cultural Institutions, the Tres Cultural Mediterráneo Foundation, the Julio Visconti Painter Foundation, the Malaga Delegation of Culture and the University of Granada.

What you will do as an intern?

  • Exhibition Curator and Project Management
  • Drafting of Museum Plans
  • Management of Temporary Exhibitions